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What are Astrology Transits?

Astrology Transits is a comparison between the positions of the planets and zodiac signs over a period of time, with one's own natal (or birth) astrology chart. In this way it provides a dynamic view of the type of cosmic influences at play at a given time and provides information on how these are likely to affect us personally.

In effect, Astrology Transits predict the cosmic "weather" and how this may affect our plans, projects, aims, relationships and other aspects of our external environment. Before any astrology transits can be done, the natal astrology chart (see under "Natal") has to be done first.

An Astrology Transits Report usually covers a period of either 6 or 12 months, as specified by you, but can be done for a shorter or longer period if required.


Astrology Transits reports include a chart, that is included for illustrative purposes and shows a comparison between the commencement of the report and the natal chart of the individual. The rest of the report consists of a chronological summary of the cosmic influences at play and their likely effect on the person for whom the report has been prepared.


Illustrative Transit report chart

Sample of the Transit Chart included with the Report.


Presentation of the Astrology Transits Report:

The size of the Astrology Transits Report is variable and can range from 15 to more than 30 printed A4 pages.
Astrology Transits reports are presented in a durable display book.
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