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Relationship Synastry.

Relationship Synastry is perhaps one of the most popular applications of natal astrology.

In Relationship Synastry, a natal chart is calculated for each person in a relationship, and the charts are compared to determine the similarities and differences, and the harmonies and disharmonies between the two charts.

Relationship Synastry can help individuals or couples to evaluate the potentials and pitfalls of their relationship, and can assist couples in dealing with relationship stresses and assist in developing a positive vision for their future.


Relationship Synastry chart

Sample Relationship Synastry Chart.


Presentation of the Relationship Synastry Report:

A Relationship Synastry chart and report consists of printed A4 pages is presented in a durable display book.
The number of pages of the report is highly variable, and may range from 10 to 15 pages.  
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