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 What is a Natal Astrology Chart?

A Natal Astrology Chart is an astrological chart calculated to determine the precise position of the planets and zodiac signs, and thus the cosmic influences at play at the moment of birth.

A Natal Astrology Chart and interpretation provides an excellent introduction to astrology and its benefits.

Our Natal Astrology interpretation covers areas such as personality, talents, relationships, health and vocation.

A Natal Astrology Chart and its interpretation can help in understanding one's personal or another individual's character, aims, goals, place in life and responses to the external environment. It can also assist in dealing with life's events and provide direction towards the achievement of one's fullest potential.

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Birth Time Rectification.

The calculations for a Natal Astrology Chart require the exact date and time of birth (usually to the nearest minute, but this depends on the time and place of birth). This becomes even more important for predictive astrological techniques such as transits and progressions, where a few minutes error in the birth time can skew the results by weeks or months of real time.

For those people who are not sure of, or do not know their exact time of birth, Birth Time Rectification, that is calculating a workable approximation of the time of birth, may be required.

Birth Time Rectification works in the opposite direction to natal and predictive astrology. Firstly, personal attributes are assessed to determine the likely ascendant, sun sign and moon sign and secondly, information on life events provided by the person are analysed and associated with the cosmic influences in force at the time; these interactions between person and influences are then calculated back to arrive at the common source for these interactions, the time of birth.

Birth Time Rectification is rarely straight-forward and requires a fair amount of personal data and usually a telephone or face-to-face consultation. Please note that Birth Time Rectification can only be done for adults. Birth Time Rectification form

Natal Charts Available.

  • Natal Astrology Chart and Interpretation.(see above)
  • Basic Natal Astrology Chart and Interpretation.
  • Child Astrology Chart and Interpretation.
  • Medical Astrology Chart. (Natal Chart & Health Related Interpretation).

Full Natal Astrology Chart.

The Full Natal Astrology Chart consists of a chart and interpretation utilising both the "classical" as well as the "modern" planets, the "Part of Fortune" and the Lunar Nodes. It is directed towards the adult and covers areas such as personality, character, talents, relationships, health and vocation.

Basic Natal Astrology Chart.

The Basic Natal Astrology Chart and report is essentially the same as the full Natal Astrology Chart and report except that is only provides the position and interpretation of the seven classical planets and does not include the "modern" planets. The interpretation is also less comprehensive in nature to the full Natal Astrology Chart and report. It is however an excellent introduction for those who have had little previous experience of astrology.

Child Natal Astrology Chart.

The Child Natal Astrology Chart is essentially the same as the full Natal Astrology Chart, the report is however directed towards a child and its potential rather than the adult. A child interpretation report is by its very nature less complex than that of an adult and the report size is therefore also usually somewhat smaller than a full Natal Astrology Chart report.

Medical Astrology Chart.

Medical Astrology has always been an important application of the principles of astrology, so much so that the father of medicine, Hippocrates, stated 2400 years ago that a physician that does not understand astrology will be limited in their application of medicine. 

There are two aspects to Medical Astrology, there is Decumbiture, which is an application of Horary Astrology (q.v.) that studies the cosmic influences in play at the time of the beginning of an illness, that are considered to determine the course of that illness. And there is Natal Medical Astrology, which looks at the likely health implications of the cosmic influences that commence at the time of birth, that will influence us for the rest of our life.

This particular Medical Astrology chart and report deals with natal medical astrology. It uses the same calculations as a normal natal chart, and its interpretation covers much the same areas of interpretation as the natal chart, but its focus tends to be on the health-related interpretations of astrology.

Time Lords Astrology Chart and Report Presentation.

The Basic Natal and Child Astrology Chart and interpretation consists of around 7 to 10 printed A4 pages.

A full Natal Astrology Chart and interpretation consists of approximately 20 to 24 printed A4 pages.

The Medical Astrology chart and interpretation consists of approximately 25 printed A4 pages.

Both the full Natal and the Medical Astrology Chart and report are presented in a durable display book.

What Information You Will Need to provide for a Natal Chart.

  1. Country of birth.
  2. Place of birth (If you or the person was born in the country, please indicate the nearest town or city).
  3. Date of birth (According to the modern Western calendar).
  4. Time of birth (At least to the nearest minute).

Note: If you do not know your birth time, this may be obtained in one of the following ways:

  1. If you were born in a hospital, you have the right under the Freedom of Information Act, or an equivalent Act in your country, to obtain this information from the medical records at the hospital of your birth. In most cases this may be a free service, the hospital is however entitled to charge a small fee.
  2. By combining known personal attributes and certain major events of your life, a working time of birth can be determined. This is called “Birth Time Rectification” (birth time correction) - please see above.

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