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The files for available for download below represent freeware for which the original download Website no longer exists, and development and support by the author(s) has ceased.
These programs are not associated with TimeLords Astrology, and are hosted on this Site as a service to ensure continued availability.


For thousands of years, people have observed and have been fascinated by the moon.
Lunabar displays the moon's phase, and its
constellation and sign in your System Tray. Click on the Taskbar Icon to launch the Full Lunar Almanack which displays the moon’s phase; its rising, southing, and setting; its constellation and sign and moonlore. It also provides the times of twilight, sunrise and sunset for your locality and a great deal of other information.

Lunabar Screenshot 2

Lunabar Screenshot 2

Screenshots of LunaBar Lunar Almanack.

The last version of LunaBar, version 6.3.0b is compatible with Windows 98se, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Download this by clicking on the button below, extract the files from the archive and install per the instructions.

If you are running Windows 98se or Windows ME you will need to first install the Palatino Linotype Font, which is needed by LunaBar. 

This font is located in a Zip file in the LunaBar630b_Addons archive, as is a document with installation instructions and three more archives, one with three extra taskbar icon themes, one with another 10 backgrounds and one with an expanded Australian places database. 

Download this archive and unzip it into an empty directory. Read the included instructions. If you are installing LunaBar into Windows 98se or Windows ME extract and install the Palatino Linotype font before installing LunaBar. There is no need to install it in Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

Once you have installed LunaBar, you can extract and copy the extra taskbar themes and background files as explained in the instructions.


Download Lunabar 6.3.0b

Download Lunabar 6.3.0b Addons

Download Void of Course tables


The "Void of Course" tables included with LunaBar are now out of date.
Chris Mitchell has kindly generated updated Void of Course tables; please
click the above "Lunabar" button to download the archive that contains both the traditional as well as the modern Void of Course tables for the time period covering January 2009 to December 2018. To replace the outdated Void of Course table, extract the correct Void of Course table from the archive, rename it to "Void of Course.Luna" (without the quotation marks of course) and place it in the same directory where the main program file "Luna.exe" is located.
All should now work as expected.

Please note: The LunaBar Program and Documentation are Copyright © 1992-2006 Ralph Smith.



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