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What is Horary Astrology?

Horary Astrology is perhaps the oldest and thus earliest form of astrology. The term "horary" comes from a classical Greek word for "hour".


Horary Astrology is essentially a specific astrological "weather forecast" that determines the likely outcome of any action that will be or has been undertaken, or the likely outcome of any past or future concern or event.


It is effectively a way to "answer questions" and has been and still is used to determine the likely outcome from undertaking, undergoing or starting something. It is often used to determine the likely outcome of personal issues, travel, illness (certain applications of Horary Astrology in this area are called Decumbiture), surgery, employment, study and examinations, risks, rivals, law suits, the whereabouts of lost and stolen items, animals, and just about any other type of question that can be asked.


A Horary Astrology report consists of an astrological chart that gives a date and time in response to a specific question; there is only a short (one or two pages) printed report for Horary Astrology. Horary Astrology does not require a natal astrology chart.


Horary Astrology chart

Sample Horary Astrology chart.


Please note that Time Lords Astrology always reserves the right to refuse providing a Horary Astrology report in relation to anything it considers of too great a risk to the well-being of the client or any other person, in relation to anything of a frivolous nature and for any issue or area that is deemed to be of questionable ethics.


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