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What is Elective Astrology?

Elective Astrology is, together with Horary Astrology, one of the oldest and thus earliest form of astrology.


Elective Astrology represents essentially a specific astrological “weather forecast” that determines when the best time occurs, from a cosmic influences perspective, to undertake, undergo, start or do something. It is often used to determine the best time to start a journey, project or business, to purchase a property, to commence a partnership, to undergo a medical procedure, etc., etc.


An Elective Astrology report consists of an astrological chart and "calendar" that gives a number of dates and times in response to a specific question; there is no further printed report or interpretation document associated with Elective Astrology. Elective Astrology can be done without a natal astrology chart, but tends to give more specific results if natal astrological data can be incorporated in the calculations.

Elective Astrology Chart

Sample Elective Astrology Report (1 of 3 pages).

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