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Time Lords Astrology.

Time Lords Astrology commenced operations in 1982.

It is involved in three aspects of astrology:

  1. Astrological research.
  2. Astrology client services.
  3. Astrology education.

Time Lords Astrology is run by husband and wife team Susan Hysen and Paul Hysen.

    Susan's picture

    Susan Hysen is the Managing Director of Time Lords Astrology and holds a Diploma of Medical Astrology (grad. 1982, Australia). She is also a practising Naturopath.


    Paul's picture

    Paul Hysen is the Co-Director and technical advisor of Time Lords Astrology; he holds a Level Three Degree in Astrology (grad. 1966, Belgium). Paul is also a practising Naturopath.


About the Name.

"Time Lords" is a classical astrology concept that refers to a planet that is considered to provide an influence in a specific area over a given period of time in a person's life. A Time Lord is also known as “Chronocrator” (classical Greek).

The name also alludes to the fact that all life on this planet is subject to the Cosmic Flow of Time.

Contact Details:

Time Lords Astrology.

P.O. Box 432,


South Australia 5112.

Phone/fax int'l.: 61-8-8254 8602.

In Australia: (08) 8254 8602.

or email:

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