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What is Astrology?

Astrology is the art of interpreting natural cycles and their influence. Most people understand the daily cycles that give us day and night, the monthly cycles that give us the tides and the yearly cycles that give us our seasons.

Few would doubt the influence of these cycles on everyday life.

But there are also other cycles, such as the 11˝ year sunspot cycles that are associated with the planet Jupiter and which have a powerful influence on our weather.

Astrology goes much further and associates the other planets as well as the zodiac signs, which are relatively fixed regions of space, with specific influences.

An astrological chart therefore, is effectively a type of calendar, or almanac, that indicates the position of the sun, moon and planets and interprets the understood significance of their positions for a given period of time.

The interpretations of astrology are generally based on over 2700 years of tradition and practical experience.

What Astrology can do.

Astrology can indicate the cosmic influences at play at a given time.

These influences will of course affect the world as a whole, but are especially significant at certain times, such as at the moment of our birth (which is used in natal astrology), because it is considered that we receive influences at this time that tend to shape and direct us for the rest of our life.

As such, natal astrology can empower us to utilise our potential strengths and help us to avoid or counterbalance our potential weaknesses.

Once we have our natal chart, we can compare this with the positions of the sun, moon and planets and with the position of the zodiac at a later date and thus determine how these influences are likely to impinge on us personally at a given time. Astrological interpretations generally cover areas such as: positive and negative influences, influences on the mind and the emotions, romantic inclinations, health influences and potentials for success or failure.

What Astrology cannot do.

Astrology can show cosmic influences and how these are likely to affect us and shape the world around us, but cannot anticipate the exact way in which people will respond to these influences. Therefore astrology cannot foretell specific events in the future.

What is the difference between a Newspaper or Magazine Horoscope and a Time Lords Astrology chart and report?

Magazine horoscopes use a very generalised report based on “transits”, the passing of planets through a given zodiac sign. This provides a total of 12 different interpretations for the whole human race. Of course these interpretations have to be very generalised to suit all those people. So although newspaper and magazine horoscopes can be a lot of fun, they tend to be of limited value.

In contrast, a horoscope specially prepared by an astrologer looks at the sun, moon, planets, 12 Houses and 12 zodiac signs and interprets the layout and relationship of all these for an individual chart. This gives a unique chart for a specific time which will not repeat again for thousands of years, and which therefore provides a unique interpretation.

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About our Astrology Charts and Interpretations.

Our astrology charts and reports utilise a combination of cutting-edge technology and ancient knowledge and wisdom.

Astrological charts require the exact positions of the sun, moon and planets at the specific time and location for which the chart is “cast”. Once the chart has been cast, astrological interpretations based on these positions are possible.

Determining the correct position of the sun, moon and planets and the correct location of the zodiac signs for a given time requires complex calculations, which used to take us many hours to do by hand; we now use a modern computer, which can do these calculations much more quickly and accurately.

For our interpretations we use a vast store of information that we have researched and accumulated over more than 30 years. This ensures that our interpretations are comprehensive and concise and accurately reflect modern research as well as the traditional principles of astrology, and that each set of interpretations are like your fingerprints, unique to you.

In addition, they are set out in a concise and logical format that makes them easy to cross-reference and refer to in the future.

What about Personal Consultations?

Some astrological analysis, such as Birth Time Rectification, actually require a personal consultation. We also do other face-to-face consultations as well as telephone consultations for personal issues, e.g., horary and elective charts, and for relationship issues and progressions and transits. If you are interested in this service, please contact us and we will arrange this for you.


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